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Transsexuals in Sweeden

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Transsexuals in Sweeden

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She said of the bill: The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Transsexuals in Sweeden had long threatened to sue the government over the sterilizations and wantedcrowns in compensation for each Transsexuals in Sweeden individual.

Sweden Massage Sandviken naked often viewed as a bastion of tolerance - has a dark history of sterilization that dates back to the s when Roma were often targeted in drives for racial purity.

Mental disability, institutionalization, or simply having what authorities deemed to be too many children, could also result in sterilization during those decades.

An estimated 63, people - the vast majority of them women - were sterilized between andaccording to a government report published in Roughly Traanssexuals of these procedures, primarily during the first 20 years, were done by force or coercion. Many European countries, such as Finland, Switzerland and Greece, still require transgender people Transsexuals in Sweeden want to legally Transsexuals in Sweeden their gender to undergo sterilization, according to Transgender Europe.

The practice of involuntary sterilization has been widely condemned as a human rights Transsexuals in Sweeden, including by the United Nations. In Europe, transgender people are twice as likely as gay people to be attacked, threatened or insulted, according to a European Union report published in December Sseeden You can choose whether or not to accept cookies.

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In Sweden, everyone must have the right to be exactly who they are. This is why the Government is presenting Transsexuals in Sweeden to strengthen the protection of transgender people under criminal law. These proposals include prohibiting agitation against transgender people.

The Government's proposed legislative amendments would mean that transgender people would be afforded full protection under the hate Transsexuals in Sweeden legislation. In the proposals now before the Council on Legislation, the Transsexuals in Sweeden of gender identity and gender expression would be included in the provisions on agitation against a national or Transexuals group and unlawful discrimination, and in the rule on public prosecution of insulting behaviour.

An addendum clarifies that if a motive for an offence was to violate a person or group of people based on gender identity or gender expression, this constitutes an aggravating circumstance.

Although the amendments are intended to protect transgender Transsexuals in Sweeden, they are Lollipop massage Ystad to protect all people equally.

The Government also proposes that 'transgender identity or expression' as a basis for discrimination in the Discrimination Act be replaced with 'gender identity or gender expression'.