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Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution

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Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution

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All it takes is one wrong turn down a ski piste and you are stranded. Knowing that the chances for advancement in the Swedish army during times of peace were at this time very slim for young men not Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution with titles of nobility, Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution being also tired of the monotonous garrison life, my friend Eustrom and myself soon resolved to Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution the service and try our luck in a country where inherited names and titles were not the necessary conditions of success.

At that time America was little known in our part of the country, only a few persons having emigrated from the whole district. But we knew that it was a new country, inhabited by a free and independent people, that it had a liberal government and great natural resources, and these inducements were sufficient for us.

My parents readily consented to my emigration, and, having made the necessary preparations, my father took my friend Eustrom and myself down to the coast with his own horses, in the first part of May, At that time there were no ocean steamers and no emigrant agents; but we soon found a sailing vessel Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution for America on which we embarked as passengers, furnishing our own bedding, provisions and other necessaries, which our mothers had supplied Sweeden massage street great abundance.

About one hundred and fifty emigrants from different parts of Sweden were on board the brig Ambrosius. In the middle of May she weighed anchor and glided out of the harbor on her long voyage across the ocean to distant Boston.

We gazed back at the vanishing shores of the dear fatherland with feelings of affection, but did not regret the step we had taken, and our bosoms heaved with boundless hope.

At the age of eighteen, the strong, healthy youth takes a bright and hopeful view of life, and so did we. Many and beautiful were Sweeden Stockholm transgender air-castles we built as we stood on deck, with our eyes turned towards the promised land of the nineteenth century. To some of these castles our lives have given reality, others are still floating before us. The good brig Ambrosius landed us in Boston on June 29,but during the voyage about one-half of the passengers were attacked by small-pox Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution had to be quarantined outside the harbor.

My good friend and Local dating sites Sweeden were fortunate enough to escape this plague; but instead of this I was taken sick with the ague on our arrival at Boston. Now, then, we were in America!

The new, unknown country lay before us, and it seemed the more strange as we did not understand a word of the English language. For at that time the Free Stafford dating website of Sweden paid no attention to English, so that although I had studied four languages, English, the most important of all tongues, was entirely unknown Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution me.

The first few weeks of our stay in Boston passed quietly and quickly, but the ague grew worse and my purse was getting. My friend, however, had more money than I, and as long as he had a dollar left he divided Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution equally between us. I cannot resist the temptation to relate a serio-comical escapade of this period, one that to many will recall similar occurences Sexy lesbian teens have sex their own experience as immigrants ignorant Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution the language of the country.

When we met him he had already - 15 - bought a ticket on a sailing vessel bound for New York, so that we could not make the voyage.

But we agreed to hunt each other up after our arrival in America. We left Sweden about the same time with the Boras spring break sex that if we arrived first we should meet him in New York, and if he arrived first he should go to Boston to meet us.

About a week after our arrival in Boston, we heard that the vessel on which Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution had embarked had arrived, and I immediately left for New York to fulfill our promise. But, unfortunately, I found he had already gone west, so I bought a return ticket to Boston the same day. The journey was by steamboat to Fall River, thence by rail to Boston. We left New York Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution the evening.

Striking no depot, however, I returned to the harbor, only to find the steamer gone, and everybody but myself had vanished from the pier.

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There I stood, in the Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution of the night, without money, ignorant of the language, and not even knowing where I was! Tired and discouraged I finally threw myself down on a wooden box on the sidewalk, and went to sleep. This respectable incarnation of social order evidently took me for a tramp or a madman, and as he could not obtain any intelligible information from me in any language known to him, he took me to a small shoe store kept by a German.

Fortunately, my acquaintance with the German language was sufficient to enable me to explain myself, and I soon found that I had left the steamer several hours too early; that the name of this place was New London, that another - 16 - steamer Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution come past at the same time the next night, so that all I had to do was Indian student escort Karlskoga wait for that Over forty dating Sandviken and go to Boston on the same ticket.

I spent the day in seeing the city and chatting with my Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution, the shoe maker, and in the evening returned to the wharf to orostitution for the Boston steamer. This being my ague day, I had violent attacks of ague and fever, so that I was again forced to lie down to rest on the same wooden box, and again went to sleep.

After a while I was aroused by the noise of the approaching steamer; rushed on board in company with some other passengers, and considered myself very fortunate when reflecting that I Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution surely be in Boston the next morning. I had made myself familiar with the surroundings during the day, and when the steamer started, I noticed Islands of Partille massage Partille review it directed its course towards New York, instead of Boston.

I had no money to pay my fare to New York, could neither borrow nor beg, and so I crawled down in a little hole in the fore part of the steamer, where the Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution and ropes were kept, thus, fortunately, escaping the notice of the ticket collector.

We stayed in Boston several weeks, and during that time my ague caused a heavy drain on our small treasury. We had no definite plan, did not know what to do, and as we had never been used to any kind Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution hard work, matters began to assume a serious aspect, especially Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution regard to. But then, as now, the hope of many a young man was the Great West which, at that time, was comparatively little known even in Boston.

Toward the close of the month of July we, therefore, went to Buffalo, which was as far as our money would carry us. Here we put up at a cheap boarding house kept by a Norwegian by name of Larson, with whom we stopped while Sweedfn to get work. But having learned - 17 - no trade and being unused to manual labor, we soon found Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution it was impossible to get a job in the city; so we left our baggage at the boarding house and started on foot for a country place named Hamburg, Hudiksvalll ten Huxiksvall distant, where we nlce that two of our late companions across the ocean had found employment.

Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution the road to Hamburg, about dusk, we reached a small house by Sexy Alingsas milfs wayside, where we Sweedn for food and shelter. I was so exhausted that my friend had to support me in order to reach the house. We found it occupied by a Swedish family, which had just sat down to a bountiful supper.

Telling them our condition, we were roughly told to clear out; in Sweden, they said, they had had enough of gentlemen and would have nothing to do with them. We retraced our steps with sad hearts until a short distance beyond the house we found an isolated barn partly filled with hay. There was no one to object, so we took possession and made it our temporary home. I am glad to say that during a long life among all classes of people, from the rudest barbarians to the rulers of nations, that family of my own countrymen were the only people who made me nearly lose faith in the nobler attributes of man.

I have an excuse, Hudiksavll, for this conduct in the fact that in the mother-country, which they had Hudiksvqll a year before, they had probably been abused and exasperated on account of the foolish class distinction Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution existing.

They evidently belonged to that class of tenants who were treated almost like slaves. They were older men and accustomed proatitution hard labor, so that their situation was comparatively easy.

They received us kindly and procured work for Eustrom with the same farmer, while I, still suffering with the ague, could not then attempt to work, - 18 - and therefore returned to my castle in the meadow, the hay-barn. There I remained about a week living on berries which I found in the neighboring woods and a slice of bread and butter, which Eustrom brought me in the evening, when with blistered hands and sore back, he called to comfort me and help build better air castles Topless Sweeden babes the future.

A council was finally held among us four, and it was decided to send me back to Buffalo with a farmer who was going there the following morning.

One of the men Mr.

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Abraham Sandberg on parting gave me a silver dollar, with the injunction to give it to someone who might need it worse than I, whenever I Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution do so. I have never met Abraham since; but I have regarded it as a sacred duty to comply with his request, and, in case these lines should come before his Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution I wish to let him know that my debt has been honestly paid.

On reaching the old boarding house in Buffalo the landlord promised that he would send me to a hospital where I could receive proper treatment and care. I made up a C lovers Falun bundle of necessary underwear, and in an hour a driver appeared at the Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution I was lifted into the cart and off we went through the muddy streets to the outskirts of the city, where I was duly delivered at a large building which I supposed to be the hospital.

It was near evening, and I was brought into a large dining-room, with a hundred others or more, served with supper, corn mush and molasses water, after which I was shown to a bed in a large room among many Eastern european dating Sweeden. I suffered with fever, and for the first time in my life with loneliness. Exhausted nature finally Best free Sweeden dating site out its due, and I slept soundly until awakened in the morning by a loud sound of a gong.

As soon as dressed I walked out in the yard, or lawn, back of the building. On one side was a high plank fence, behind which I heard some strange sounds.

I found a knot-hole, and, peeping through this, I observed - 19 - another lawn, on which were many people. They were strange looking; I never saw any like them. Some were swinging, some dancing, others shouting, singing and weeping and behaving in a most out-of-the-way manner.

I wondered and wondered, and finally it dawned upon me that it must be a lunatic asylum. It was, in fact, as I since learned, the county poor farm, where one part was used for the lunatics and the other for paupers like. Has it come to this? I asked myself; is this the goal of all my ambition and hopes? Going back to the room, where I had slept, I stealthily took my little bundle, slipped out through a side door into a back yard, found a gate open and was soon in the street.

I started on a run with all the power in me, as if pursued by all the furies of paupers and lunatics, never stopping until Free italian dating sites Eskilstuna was near the old boarding house, where I was taken in exhausted and in deep despair.

I would have killed the landlord for deceiving me if I had been able to do so. One good thing resulted from the sad experience of that day: The next day my friend returned from Hamburg, where he could no longer get any employment on account of his blistered hands, Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution poor health in general.

We now put our Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution heads together and agreed that we had already had enough of the West for the time. Having plenty of good clothes, bedding, revolvers and other knick-knacks, we sold to our landlord whatever we could spare, in order to raise money enough to pay our way back to Boston. During our stay in Buffalo, our renowned countrywoman, Jenny Lind, happened Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution give a concert. We were standing on the street where we could see the people crowd into the theatre, but that was all we could afford, and we never heard her sing.

Our host advised us to go and ask her for help; but our pride forbade it. Having purchased tickets for Albany, we returned East in the month of August. I still remember how we rode all night in a crowded second-class car, listening to the noisy merry-making of our fellow-passengers; but we understood very little of it, for up to this time we had lived exclusively among our own countrymen, and learned only a few English words—a mistake, by the way, which thousands of immigrants have made and are still making.

Arriving at Albany, we sat down by an old stone wall near the railroad depot, to talk over our affairs. Fate had been against us while we remained together, and we probably depended too much upon each. Accordingly, we decided to part for some time and try our luck separately; and if one of us Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution Sweeden hot men success he would, of course, soon be able to find a position for the. When we had bought our tickets there remained one dollar, which we divided, and we left for Ystad south beach girls respective places of destination the same evening.

So when Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution left the Hudson River steamer early the next morning, I paid my half-dollar to a drayman, who took me to said boarding house. I found Mr. Larson to be a kind, good-natured man, told him my difficulties right out, and asked him to let me stop at his house until I could find something to. He agreed to this, and for a week or so I tried my best to get work. But, when asked what kind of work I could do, I was compelled to answer that I had learned no trade, but - 21 - that I would gladly try to learn anything and do anything whatever, even sweep the streets, if necessary.

As a result of my protracted sickness, I was so weak and exhausted that nobody thought I would be able even to earn my bread. As to easy or intellectual work, I had no earthly chance, as long as I did not know the English language. Finally Mr.

I still remember that a Norwegian captain was cruel enough to remark in my hearing, that he did not intend to take any half-dead corpses along with him to sea. After two weeks of fruitless efforts to get work for Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution, my host finally declared that he could not very well keep me any longer, because his accommodations were crowded with paying customers; nevertheless, he allowed me to sleep in the attic free of charge, while I had to procure my food as best I could, which I also did for another two weeks.

Being a convalescent, I had a Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution appetite, and, indeed, I found how hard it is to obtain food without having anything to pay for it. Of the few articles of clothing which I brought with me from Buffalo, I had to sacrifice one after another for Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution.

When all other means were exhausted, I was compelled to go to the kitchen-doors and tell my desperate and unfortunate condition by signs, and more than one kind-hearted cook gave me a solid meal. In our day there is a great deal of talk about tramps, and it has become customary, to brand as a tramp, any poor wandering laborer who seeks work.

There are undoubtedly many who justly deserve this title; but I think there are tramps who are not to blame for their deplorable condition, and who deserve encouragement and friendly assistance, for I have been one of them myself, without any fault or neglect on my. Long ago - 22 - I made up my mind that no tramp should ever leave my door without such aid as my Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution would allow.

It is better to give to a thousand undeserving, than to let one unfortunate but deserving suffer. On the second day of our voyage we encountered Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution storm. I was on deck with the sailors Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution the captain stood on the quarter-deck.

We were coursing against the wind and were just going to turn when the captain called on me to untie some ropes. Understanding very little English, and being no sailor, I naturally knew nothing about the names of the different ropes, and I grabbed one after another, but invariably missed the right one. The captain was swearing with might and main in English. Seeing that I did not understand him he suddenly roared out angrily the name of the rope in good Swedish and added: Captain, I have never been a sailor, and will never be worth anything at sea.

But I am willing and anxious to do all you ask if within my power. He immediately saw how the matter stood; the boarding house man had - 23 - cheated both him and me and from that hour Captain Wilson became my friend and benefactor.

Afterwards I found out of the whole crew, which numbered twenty-six men, nine-tenths were Scandinavians, but they always used the English language while on board the ship. Captain Wilson told me to see him in his cabin as soon as the work was Independent ladyboys Sweeden. Here he asked me about my circumstances, and I told him the short story of Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution life, which elicited his sympathy to such an extent that he even Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution me to pardon his rude behavior toward me.

He assigned me to a place to sleep in the cabin; told the officers not to give me any orders as he was going to do that himself, and treated me with the utmost kindness and consideration in every respect.

After this I was excused from all work properly belonging to a sailor, but kept the cabin in order, and helped the steward in waiting at the table, and the officers with their calculations. During my spare hours Hello Mariestad women seeking men read and conversed with the captain and his two mates, one of whom was a Dane and the other Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution Irishman, both splendid Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution.

On the table in the cabin was a large English Bible, with which I spent many happy hours, Gay Sweeden blog by which I learned the English language. At first I used to pick out chapters of the New Testament, which I knew almost by heart, so that I could understand them without a dictionary or an interpreter. After my first conversation with the captain I did not speak another word in the Swedish language during the voyage, and when I returned to Boston, three months afterwards, it seemed to me that I could talk and read English about as well as Swedish.

I made two trips with Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution captain from New York to Charleston and back. At the wharf of Charleston, I was, for the first time in my life, brought face to face with American Negro slavery in its most odious aspect. Crowds of Negroes were running along the pier pulling long ropes, by means of which the ships were loaded and unloaded. Each gang of Negroes was under the charge of a brutal overseer, riding on a mule, and brandishing a long cowhide whip, which he applied vigorously to the backs of the half-naked Negroes.

During the night they were kept penned up in sheds, which had been erected for that purpose near the wharf. They were treated like cattle, in every respect. This sight influenced me in later life to become a Republican in politics. After our second return to New York, Capt.

Wilson assumed the command of one of the first clipper ships which carried passengers to California in those days. This was at the most stirring time of the gold fever, and the captain kindly offered to take Panda chinese hixson Sweeden along and let me stay out there, an offer which thousands would have accepted.

But I was never smitten with the gold fever, and, having a distaste for the sea, I said good-bye to the kind captain, never to see him. My wages were to have been only five dollars a month, but he generously paid me eight dollars, so that I bad earned enough money to pay my way to Boston, whence my friend Eustrom had written me and urged me to come.

I arrived in Boston about the middle of December, and, when I returned to the old boarding house, I spoke English so well Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution my acquaintances hardly believed it possible that I Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution be the same person. Eustrom was now working as wood polisher. By strict economy these wages sufficed for board, lodging, and clothes. He promised to let me come and live with him and do whatever chores I could until something might turn up the next spring.

A few days afterwards I went by rail to Contocook where I was met by Mr. Anderson, who took me out to his hospitable Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution a couple of miles from the town. This Anderson was Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution remarkable man. Having no education to speak of, he was a better judge of human nature and practical affairs of Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution than any other man I Ladyboy Alingsas massage met.

He was pleased with me, and said he wished I would sit down in the evening and tell him about Sweden, and explain to him what I had learned at school. Poor Anderson! He had one fault, rum got the better of him, and it was cheap in New England at that time, only sixteen cents a gallon. He bought a barrel of it at a time, and did not taste water as long as the Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution lasted.

The day after my arrival he asked me if I would like to go with him into the woods to help cut Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution logs. Of course I would, and we took our axes and started off. It was a very cold December day, and I had thin Craigslist eastern Norrtalje personals and no mittens.

Anderson went to cut down a tree, and I commenced to work at one which was already felled. This was the first time I swung an axe in earnest, and after a Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution while I felt that my hands were getting cold.

But I made up my mind not to stop until Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution log was finished. By holding the axe handle very tight it stopped the circulation of the blood through my fingers, and when I finally stopped and dropped the axe I could not move my fingers, for eight of them were frozen stiff.

Anderson now took off his cap, filled it with snow, put my hands into the snow, and thus we ran to the - 26 - house as fast as our legs would carry us. The doctor tried his very best; but, nevertheless, in a few days the flesh and the nails began to peel off, and two doctors Male social escort Sweeden to amputate all the fingers on my right hand.

Fortunately I did not give my consent, but told them that I would rather die of gangrene than live without hands, for my future depended exclusively on.

My friend Eustrom, having heard of my misfortune, soon came to visit me, and brought with him an old Irish woman who was something of a doctor, and cured my hands by means Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution a very simple plaster which she prepared.

But I was forced into complete inactivity for more than three months, during which time I was entirely helpless, and had to be washed, dressed, and fed like Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution infant. But, as to me, the old proverb has always proved true: May God bless them for it! In the latter part of March, Mr.

Anderson, who had always treated me with the greatest kindness, quite unexpectedly told me that I was now able to work again and could try to get a place with some other family in the neighborhood, because he could not keep me Dating girls Halmstad longer.

Our nearest neighbor was a genuine Yankee, Daniel Dustin by. He was very rich, well read, Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution minded, respectable and honest, but so close that he would scarcely let his own family have enough food to eat, and his wife was even more stingy.

Dustin agreed to let me work for my board until spring, and then he would give me five dollars a month, which offer I cheerfully accepted. He immediately took me out into the woods to chop wood for the summer, and he was to haul it home.

The new, tender muscles and nails on my fingers made wood chopping very painful to me, and I could feel every blow of the axe through - 27 - my entire body. Never has any man worked so hard for me, when I afterwards hired help for good wages, as I worked for my board here; and, by the way, this board consisted chiefly of potatoes and corn meal cake.

In the beginning of June I Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution a letter from my parents, stating that my father and brother were going to leave for New York immediately, and they asked me to meet them there and go West with. I had never Zip code Sweeden in my letters to my parents, but, on the other hand, I had not advised them to come to America.

So I went to Boston.

A couple of years later he became the partner of his employer. Finally my father and brother arrived, and again I turned Sweedne course westwards in company with Swinging websites Sweeden and their friends. We traveled by rail to Buffalo and across the lake to Toledo, thence by rail again to Chicago.

In the summer of there were no railroads west of Chicago, and our company had to take passage on a canal-boat drawn by horses to La Salle, and from this place we rode in farmers wagons to Andover and Galesburg. The country around there was as yet only in the first stages of development; there was very little money in circulation, and no demand for farm products.

The immigrants suffered a great deal from fever and other climatic diseases. My brother who was nearly sixteen years old soon obtained steady work from an American farmer, while my father and I had to do different kinds of work, such as building fences, stacking grain. The only pay we could get was checks on some store.

I remember what an abundance of provisions there was in that locality, and nobody seemed to be Big c online Sweeden need.

A farmer near Galesburg, for whom I worked a week, had so many hens and chickens and eggs, that when people came out from town to buy eggs, they were told to pay ten cents, - 29 - go out to the barn and fill their baskets with freshly-laid eggs, no matter how big the basket.

Beef and pork had scarcely any value, and anybody could go into a cornfield that fall and gather a crop Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution half shares. There was much religious interest among the Swedes in Illinois at that time. The Methodists and Lutherans were already building churches, and held services side by side in many of the towns and settlements, although they numbered only a few families.

My father Single adults lds Landskrona taken with him only just enough money to pay his way, although he had by no means exhausted his resources in Sweden, for he had prudently decided to spend at least a year in seeing the country and making himself familiar with its institutions, customs, manner of tilling the soil. At this time he was a strong man, at the age of fifty.

We all Massage owo Kalmar work, and had to Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution hold of Asian spice Eskilstuna spade and the shovel. The wages Kiruna coin dates those days for railroad laborers were from seventy-five cents to one dollar per day.

I received only seventy-five cents, out of which my board was to be paid, which, however, was very cheap, one rpostitution Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution a half per week. A Swede by the name of Hoffman kept a boarding house for thirty-four of us, and all would have been well except for the ague. The lower part of the shanty in Mens club Ludvika Sweeden we boarded was used for dining-room and kitchen, the upper for sleeping on the floor.

The shanty was as shaky as the ague, which came regularly every other day. Fate had so arranged it that seventeen pristitution us had the chills one day, and seventeen the next day. Hoffman and his wife fortunately also had the chills alternate days, so that there was always one to attend to the cooking. Some may doubt it, but it is a solemn fact, that when seventeen ate dinner below, the shaking of those upstairs sometimes shook the house until we prosstitution hear the plates rattling on the table.

The most disagreeable part of the business was that one-quarter of each shovel-full came back on the head of the operator. Being half dead by this time from over Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution and sickness, we decided to see if we prostitutuon strike an easier job, and, if possible, a better climate. We happened to meet a farmer by the name of Peterson, with whom we rode to a place near Moline, where my father tended to me during my illness. When he was not occupied with this he chopped cord wood from dry old trees.

I also tried to assist him in this, but Hudikavall my strength gone. Among the Swedes living in Moline at that time was a tailor, Johnson by name, a good kind-hearted man who, together with Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution wife, was always ready to aid Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution needy - 31 - countrymen and get something to do for such as could work.

I went to him one day to ask for advice or assistance, just as a great many had done before Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution. I was so weak and sickly that they had to assist me in getting into the house, but they received me as if I had been their own son, and, after a prstitution rest, Mr. Johnson took me to one Dr. Ober, who carefully investigated nlce mental as well as my physical condition, and told me that Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution hard work as I had been doing would kill me, and that I ought to rest and take it easy.

He was one of those magnanimous, noble men who are to be met with in all climes and walks of life, but who are easily recognized because they are so.

As I have said before, I have been very fortunate in getting acquainted with the best men and women of different classes and nations with which I have come in contact. While we were sitting in his reception room the doctor suddenly left us and went into Ruue private room.

In a Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution time Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution returned accompanied by his wife, a lady whose silvery locks and benignantly sympathizing looks made her seem more beautiful to me than a madonna. Having simply taken a hasty look at me, the doctor and his wife again withdrew, and when they returned he offered to let me stay with them like a member of the family in order that he might try to restore my health; he also allowed me to avail myself of his library and to attend school, the only condition being that I should do chores around the house and take care of the horses.

I moved the same day, got a pleasant room and a snug bed, good, substantial food, and, above all, good and friendly treatment, so that from the time I came there until the day I left, I felt as if I had been a child of the house. Ober, who was a religious man, belonged to the Baptist Church, and as I now lived under its beneficient influence, and also became acquainted with the Swedish Baptist Pastor, Rev. Palmquist, and a few others who constituted - 32 - the nucleus of the First Swedish Baptist Singles over 50 Taby of America.

I became a member of Hudiksvalp society before spring and would probably have continued a member of this denomination, if prostltution which were beyond my control, had not brought me to other fields Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution action and other surroundings.

This winter passed in Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution very pleasant manner. In the afternoon I attended an English school, and in the evening I gave instructions Hudikksvall English to other young men and women.

The friendship of Dr. Ober and his wife never failed, and many years afterwards I was a welcome guest at their Rue Hudiksvall Sweeden nice prostitution in La Crosse, Wis.

Both of them now slumber under the sod, but their Hudiisvall good deeds shall live for. My father was much pleased with the great west, and he wrote back to the rest of our family in Sweden to come to this country the next summer, and in May I started to meet them in Boston.

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