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Reptiles Ostersund

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Reptiles Ostersund

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Phone number: After have been paying the admission, we turn to the left past the restaurant and see a common site for camelides then flamingos, Reptiles Ostersund and donkeys. Transient of the goats Reptikes have the tropikhuset tropical greenhousewhich shows several species monkeys and reptiles, but also has a biological museum with several stuffed Reptiles Ostersund. Outside again, we pass the zoo shop and see horses and monkeys.

We turn now to the left where we finde some aviaries for pheasants and then the fun coaties from South America. Opposite is living the pygmy Reptiles Ostersund and opposite them again the yak, a domestic species from Reptiles Ostersund Himalayan region.

Reptiles Ostersund

To the left we have the polar wolves, polar foxes and some Reptiles Ostersund and sheep. In this area there is also a blue whale skeleton, that shows how big these animals are, it dates from Now we go to the garden's largest enclosure, the savanna with watussis, Common Eland and Reptiles Ostersund before when we do see the Ostresund Deer.

Now we have reached some pheasan aviarys, but also finde the Australian Dingoes and Striped Hyenas. Opposite the alpacas live and in another Reptiles Ostersund the Amur Tiger. Do we follow the main road, we look at Reptiles Ostersund left hand at the moose and right hand at lions, oposite we find some pigeons Repyiles the in Sweden residentet lynx.

On the left hand, we have the bears and eventually the farm with animals such as rabbits. Next comes a small amusement park, which especially Osterwund make small kids Reptiles Ostersund, and a circus, which has two daily performances with clowns and other entertainers.

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