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In. Cadillac Man Hide Spoilers. It's 6.

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Phone chat with women in cadillac

Donatien3 1 January Wkmen salesman as Hero! Everything is wacky. A stressful Sunday at work takes a dramatic turn when an armed robber Tim Robbins holds up the dealership, angry at his unfaithful girlfriend who works there. In early s, Robin Williams was known as a fast-talking, quick-witted, hilarious comedian. He has two girlfriends, owes money to a Mafia character, and is about to lose his job.

Robbin Williams stars in this wickedly amusing and ocassionally hilarious film about a car salesman having the worst few days of his life.

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He sells himself to multiple girlfriends far more attractive than himself, because he is the consumate salesman. It is fast paced fun and is filled with great characters and good dialogue.

Even the cops are deliberately loud. In addition to his profession, he was juggling two girlfriends one of them was married and he had an cdaillac.

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The writing and layout of all shots were just so comically true to the hysteria of inner city life it felt like an ode to us in the big cities Not me. Just not funny Robbins is also good as a stupid, jealous husband with a gun.

Great concept, poor delivery. And it is pretty fun. Joey uses withh sales experience to bond with the robber. And, ex-wife and daughter decided to give Joey another try, hoping he learned his lesson.

This opening scene did just that, hpone kudos to Ken Friedman. Robin Williams sells Cadilacs at one of those lots that dot post-industrial North Queens. Joey is desperate and even tries to sell a car to a widow as she is burying her husband.

There was no reason for Joey to stick his neck out for anyone in that dealership, yet he did. Sadly, when the films narration turns to the girlfriends and the police, it becomes a chore, and the film has witn rely on the comedy Chinese waitress for laughs. Robbins, as in normal for him, plays a disturbed and ridiculous character.

Also starring Fran Drescher and Annabella Sciorra. It doesn't rectify what womdn did to the women in his life, but it was a small bit of improvement and perhaps a small step on the road to redemption.

He did an excellent job at it and he was funny, but that didn't mean you cat going to like him. Everyone is deliberately set on edge and it does not make it funny. It isn't Joey, but he takes the rap and tries to talk the guy down, doing a pretty good job. The casting is great.

Don't expect any life-changing experiences from watching it e. Impressed by Joey's performance, and saving his son, the big boss gave Joey a job for life. Unfortunately, there probably just aren't enough 'intelligent viewers' out there for this film to get its due. BobbyGuts 10 September Some of them aren't much better than him. Great concept, poor delivery.

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Also, I liked the bizarre opening scene which is in the middle of a funeral procession. All the characters in the movie did perform their job well. He genuinely wanted everyone in that hostage situation to be safe, including the hostage-taker played by Bill Paxton. The saving grace of the film is certainly Robin Williams and Tim Robbins, who have a great back and forth with one another, as well as both playing consistently interesting characters that are very different to them.

If that's the case, sit down and watch it with a friend that has never heard of it and watch how they react to everything. The rest of the movie is all about Williams' private life.