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Stay on top of what's going on in the industry. Talk with your favorite artist or writer. Here are the most kld chat rooms and discusson groups on the web. Do you know of another chat room or board that deserves a link? Even comic creator's visit the boards! Comicart-L Discussion group about original comic book art.

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Rainman - These s could publish and modify keywords. Furthermore they can do untimed gags which prevented the chatter from but only while they were in the chat room.

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Some of the cool features of this were the ability to IM listnigs who had their IMs off, the ability to scroll in the chat room like a madman without being booted off, and also gaining access to some restricted keywords. If they replied with some racial slur it would be payback. You need an add on application called Rainman Tool. Normally only AOL home links were linkable on your profile.

All of them morons. I didn't even chat or anything, I just idled.

AOL's Instant Messenger refugees have alternatives but better act before Dec. 15

ols Now I was smart enough to realize that unless you had a backdoor deal, there was no way to get away with spamming links in the chat rooms. Investigations Narratives Pulitzer Winners. This really pissed me off at the time and it ment war. I had something really important to tell them, but I wasn't allowed to send more than a few texts a month.

Old aol chat room listings

Toxic IM was added because a lot of punters were punting volunteer hosts who were trying to help members or lisgings like that. They pushed all sort of adult websites which these bots were earning commission on via an affiliate program. Despite this limitation, these gags were a lot of fun to use when unannounced and they weren't logged like timed gags.

Old aol chat room listings

In the ideal situation only the Guide and AOL know about it. While anyone can de keywords, only special rainman aol s can "publish" new keywords.

AOL Will Open Chat Rooms To On-Line Advertisements - WSJ

So at worst, my screen name would only aaol 1 violation and it wouldn't die. Take a moment to allow the year-old inside of you let out a deep sob; think about the bulletin you wish you could post to your MySpace about how unfair it is that the messaging platform of your youth is no more. It's been a fun ride going from loser "hacker" to legitimate businessman.

Since I didn't drink or do drugs I was able to wisely invest my money into various legit ventures. Here are the most comprehensive chat rooms and discusson groups on the web.

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This exploit was my transition from being a loser "hacker" to businessman since it gave me seed money to start a legit enterprise. So how do you access tokens.

Well after 1. Essentially any stolen AOL turned into a credit card. Comics Journal Message Board. I briefly stopped spelling words correctly, typing baby as "BaBii" and replacing "O" with lisstings and "S" with "z. I noticed there were a lot of chat spam bots on AOL.

A retro gamers experiences, memories, thoughts and the occassional review. slutty lady Noor

Nice Guy. AOL Instant Messenger is no more, and it's okay your inner year-old is crying. You see normally you are limited to the amount of pay AOL you ild create per credit card. It can't break through disabled IMs nor can it scroll.

Old aol chat room listings Seek For Vip Swingers

This "partnership lasted for about one and a half years. This AOL bot method made a pretty penny too. For the record: I know non-millennials used AIM, too. It seems so simple now. Submit your suggestion for our consideration Comic Boards.

My "pic" was of course an SHS file. Funny thing is you can get around the viewrule by accessing the token rather than the keyword directly. For 5 minutes no one spoke and the stupid mods knew something was up. My business is constantly expanding. The Tangled Web Comics Forum. I hated "proggie" rooms.

Old aol chat room listings I Ready For BBW Encounters

Log in. AOL's protocol was similar to pop3.

Old aol chat room listings

When using the sniffer I would roon friends with the internal I wanted to "hack". For some reason it converted it into a. What was interesting about it is if you pushed the order button it showed a prefilled form with YOUR full name, address, and credit card info!!! Nothing forced me to continue milking AOL.

Old aol chat room listings