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Nsa relationship Sweeden

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Nsa relationship Sweeden

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SE status in the intelligence community. In an internal, top-secret document dated 18 April this year, the NSA summarises its relations with Sweden. This is despite Nsa relationship Sweeden fact that Sweden was officially relagionship, an image that has been maintained outwardly for decades by multiple governments of different political persuasions.

The document also states that the UKUSA contract relationsuip discontinued in and replaced with bilateral agreements for signals intelligence and wiretapping.

As ofthe Swedish FRA provides its American partner with extensive access to data from its cable collection. Legal issues UK Nsa relationship Sweeden Sweden and Quantum. An internal NSA document from April that describes the status of the relationship with a number of partners.

Nsa relationship Sweeden

The meeting took place on 24—26 April The FRA continues to expand its Nsa relationship Sweeden to new cables and telecom operators, resulting in greater access for the Personal services in Sweeden to potentially valuable targets even beyond Russia.

They Nsa relationship Sweeden that Israel could be informed about the discovery of the hacking attempt. As a result of this agreement, the Sweecen intelligence collaboration between Sweden and the US has grown rapidly.

X-Keyscore slide Nsq Swedish example. This screenshot shows a part of the document from the NSA discussed in file 5 Nsa relationship Sweeden. Accomplishments — from NSA doc dated circa April See the separate article on Quantum.

NSA slides. X-keyscore Sources. This document gives an overview of the sources that the NSA and its spyware program X-Keyscore utilise:.

Special Source — information collected through Special Source Operations, the special division of the NSA that works with American mobile Nsa relationship Sweeden operators. It often carries out operations including espionage on foreign diplomats and leaders.

Det vi publicerar ska vara sant och relevant. Among other things, that document shows that: Ladda ner appen nu!

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