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How is the church financed? Why is the massive missionary program a central part of Mormonism? How did it grow so large? Read the comments of historians, scholars and Mormons on the missionary program and the growth of the modern church. From the outset, Joseph Smith believed that his revelation was a message for the whole world. He sent out family members as his first missionaries to win converts to the faith and make the church a vital force throughout the world.

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They also point to the Mormons' avoidance of the cross as a religious symbol Mormons believe it is a symbol of Christ's death, and they prefer to focus on esx life, his suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, and his chhat ; their belief in the fallibility of the Bible because of its human translation ; their acceptance of continuing revelation which gives Mormonism an open canon ; and their rejection of the Nicene Creed, a list of common Christian beliefs originally authored in AD and subscribed to by most denominations.

They are taught how to listen, to smile, to find common ground with a stranger on the street, and to answer difficult questions or deal with hecklers. Many young Mormons have felt tremendous pressure to serve on a mission. Non-Mormons and Mormons without a temple recommend are not allowed into the temple.

What happens in the temple? Saints are encouraged to return to the temple throughout their sxe to continue growing their faith by experiencing the rituals of endowment. Known as "garments"this underwear, worn next to the skin at nearly all timesis meant to remind individuals of their commitment to their faith and to God.

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One day a week is set aside for personal activities like laundry, letter writing or sightseeing in the host country. Do missionaries try to convert Christians?

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When their preparation is complete, individuals must progress and spend time on earth. Mormons believe that the family modmon an eternal unit and central to God's plan. When first meeting with a potential convert, missionaries try to engage them and open a dialogue about faith. However, the church does have a process for annulment and sees divorce as an unfortunately necessary evil.

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Why is the massive missionary program a central part of Mormonism? A Mormon woman must receive a cancellation of sealing prior to remarrying if she wishes her next marriage to be sealed in the temple. Latter-day Saints can face excommunication if, after being warned, they continue to publicly discuss problematic or provocative elements of Mormon theology that the church chooses not to draw attention to.

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But in recent years, acknowledging that many young men are still experiencing difficult adolescences at age 18 or 19, the church decided to be more selective about whom is called to serve a chqt. Mormons believe that God is present in the temple space.

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Men generally receive their endowment before going on a mission and women before they marry, but it is not a one-time ceremony like baptism. Why is the Mormon temple central to the faith? These key elements of the faith include belief in God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; belief in modern prophets and continuing revelation; belief that through Christ's atonement all mankind may be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of Christ's Gospel; belief in the importance of repentance and baptism by immersion for the forgiveness of sins; and belief in the right of all people to worship God as they please.

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How is the church financed? For the Saints, genealogy is a way to save more souls and strengthen the eternal family unit. Mormon marriages are different from most marriages because they are considered eternal. They have come to recognize that we are, and that we have a very vital and dynamic religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Gaining a physical body, they practice actively choosing between good and evil the Articles of Faith reject the concept of original sin and gain new levels of knowledge that will allow them to become like God, the ultimate goal of Mormon spiritual development.

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The mission morjon involves long work days, six days per week. The Mormon interest in genealogy is closely linked to their doctrine of baptism for the dead and their belief that the family unit will continue to exist beyond mortal life.

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Everyone cyat ed his church became a missionary. The naming and blessing of infants -- performed by a priesthood holder, often the baby's father -- takes place in the chapel. Bythe Missionary Training Center was built in Provo, Utah, and today is one of 17 training centers around the world.

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They base this contention on the fact that the Mormon conception of God -- summarized by LDS President Lorenzo Snow, who said, "As man is God once was, and as God is man may become" -- differs from traditional Christian ideas. The Articles of Faith also affirm a belief in the Bible as the word of God, insofar as it is correctly translated, and in the Book of Mormon as an equally important scriptural source.

In their eyes, Christianity has suffered from a "Great Apostasy" ever since the formation of the early Christian church, necessitating the revelation of Joseph Smith and, therefore, the need to spread his message throughout the existing Christian world. Latter-day Saints believe that the body is a gift from God to be cared for and respected, not to be polluted or abused. Kimball called for all able, worthy young men to go on a mission, and within a few years the had doubled.

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Since God is the ultimate judge, all people will be judged fairly and put into the kingdom where they mormkn be most happy. The missionary force has always been the engine that has driven the church's success. The temple is also used to perform the Mormon endowment ceremony. Revelation told the members of this new church that theirs was the restoration of the New Testament church that had been removed from the earth during mmormon "Great Apostasy" that occurred at the end of the apostolic era.

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What is the missionary pitch? Read the comments of historians, scholars and Mormons on the Mormon afterlife. For example, the original document warned against drinking any hot beverages, but over time this has come to be interpreted as only hot beverages containing caffeine. What is the training and commitment?