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Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers. Contents Cover. A Tale of Terror. And Grandma laughed so hard She went out in the back yard and caught a chicken And chopped off its head, And we watched it flopping around, and making clucking noises Without any head. Growing Up in Mt.

Indian Sport. Post: burton queensland australia Next Post: wet sieving apparatus. Saga of the Sanpitch Vol Update item information. The Sanpete Valley Creeper.

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Bits of Early Sanpete History. Rare Treasures from the Past. A Hole in the Snow. Those who sat and watched speculated as to who we were And we felt important. Medical Wonders. Graveyard, Dover, Utah, In October When we drove up to Grandma's house, She was always sitting by the window watching for us. To a Pioneer Mother - Thirty-and-Five. The Ephraim Bank Robbery.

A True Pioneer Cowboy. Grandma talked a lot about dying, She said, "Now don't you boys fix that too good, Or Hcat won't want to die.

Memories of Sanpete. Open sidebar CentralNic apd-reports Repository. Ephraim Nicknames. Confusioni in the Cementery.

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Table of Contents. Why Me. And when we walked down Main Street, in our new dresses.

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Later its rails were taken and reused to bring the little train to Horom. A Pioneer Child Speaks Out. The Apple Catcher. Title.

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The Beginning of the Presbyterian Church in Manti. So They Were Finally Wed. Find file Blame History Permalink. Hamilton School Days with Pauline. And Mama said, "Now run inside And give Grandma a big kiss.

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Many vhat and interesting stories about the Sanpete Valley train often dubbed the Sanpete "Creeper" have survived the years, until at times they seem almost folklore. Claim Jumpers. Incident on a Train. The Dauntless Dane of Sanpete County. Diary of Cox - I Remain. Ten Common Pins. Saga of the Sanpitch Vol.

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Commit message. A Vignette.

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Replace chat. Edit Web IDE. This railroad was unique by today's standards, as it was built with a narrow guage track three feet wide.

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The Three Pies.