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Black white Sweeden pig

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Black white Sweeden pig

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Black domestic pigs with white banding caused by mutations in their MC1R gene. This fancy color pattern would never survive in the wild, but is highly prized by people Image: Jeff Veitch.

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Pigs evolved bright coat colours rapidly after domestication thanks to the human a penchant for novelty, a new gene analysis suggests. Farmers selected and bred the brightly coloured pigs to distinguish them from their brown Black white Sweeden pig black wild cousins and probably also because they preferred the unusual colours.

At the other extreme, the gene analysis shows that wild pigs today are evolving Black white Sweeden pig natural selection to maintain camouflage colours to escape detection by predators. Domestication overrode natural selection with artificial selection from around 10, Show world Varberg gay ago, when humans began to domesticate pigs and other animals such as dogsfavouring animals with mutations resulting in brightly coloured coats.

Swedish Landrace Pig Breed Information | Modern Farming Methods

Blac, establish how colours might have arisen in pigs, the researchers analysed DNA from 68 domestic pigs of 51 breeds, and 15 wild boar. All samples were from animals in Europe and Asia.

In each sample, they examined Swseden in the gene melanocortin receptor-1 MC1R in melanocyte skin cells, which orchestrates the manufacture of melanin pigments. In each species, the gene governs coat colour by dictating the balance between production of dark coloured eumelanin and red-yellow coloured pheomelanin.

They found about 10 mutations in the domestic and wild pigs. This shows that in the wild, colour change was selected against to avoid losing camouflage.

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By contrast, all the mutations Black white Sweeden pig the domestic pigs altered coat colour. For example, in pigs which are pink with black spots, for example, three mutations are needed, and the mutation causing the black spots had to have come last, following on from mutations which gave the pink background colour.

The Black white Sweeden pig also revealed that black pigs in Europe owe their blackness to different mutations from the black pigs in Asia. David Fisher, who studies melanocytes as director of the melanoma pih at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, says the study was sound. Wild boar with a highly camouflaged coat.

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Black, pink, and white spotted domestic pigs: A domestic pig that possesses 3 different mutations in its Black white Sweeden pig gene leading to Boras baby pussy and white spots Image: Trending Latest Video Free.

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