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Chat Flycatcher Robin Thrush Wheatear.

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Female has more white on forehead than male.

The male African Stonechat has black upperparts, head; white half collar; dark orange-brown breast; white or pale orange belly. Forum Topics. Speak Yo Mind.

Female has brown upperparts, head; orange underpart. The Sunda Forktail has dark gray upperparts; white forehead, underparts, rump. Female is washed out version of male with no white neck sides. Terms of use Privacy Policy Community software Create community site. The Karoo Chat has gray upperparts; rufous patch behind the eye; black tail chatx white outer feathers; white underparts; black bill, legs.

The Spotted Forktail black back with white spots; white forehead fore-crown; broad white wingbar; deeply forked black and white tail.

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Now. The male White-tailed Stonechat blackish upperparts; black head; white collar; rufous throat patch; white patch on wing-covert.

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The breeding male Siberiain Stonechat has black upperparts, head; white half collar; pale orange on unerparts or white. Oregon officials are Admin The Anarchist Library. The Cape Robin-chat has gray upperparts; black eye patch; white supercilium; orange throat, breast; gray belly.

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No items. The Black-backed Forktail has black mantle, face, crown; white forehead, underparts. No video, Add new.

The Whinchat has brownish upperpart; white supercilium; pale throat, breast; white belly; blackish tail. View all. Female has dark gray upperparts, breast; chestnut belly, rump. The male Sooty Chat has mainly black plumage; white wing patch bladk may be hidden. The male White-headed Black-chat has mainly black plumage; white crown; white wing patch.

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The Daily Social Distancing Show. Remember me.

Female duller than male. Before proceeding you need to register your profile and become our member. No users.

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The Anarchist Library. Go to Links.

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Female has brown crown; male is gray. Latest Most Popular. Get Educated 1 members.

Black chats

The Moorland Chat has grayish-brown upperparts; lighter underparts; short tail; long legs. Male has darker upperparts.

Admin Jul The Little Forktail black and white or bluish-black and white plumage. Uche LifeSpeax Jul 1.

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No comments. Support Each Other 1 members. Black Creatives 1 members. Welcome to our community!

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Female has browner upperparts; more buff underparts. Jul 10 0 0. Female similar with black cap; white throat, neck. For others, getting behind the wheel is Jul 20 0 0.

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The Slaty-backed Forktail has mainly black upperparts; white wing-bar; black and white banded tail; white rump; white underparts. Latest Top Rated. The male Pied Bushchat has mainly black plumage; white lower-belly, rump; maybe white wing-patch. The B,ack Chat has mainly brownish-black plumage.

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The White-crowned Forktail has mainly black plumage; white fore-crown, parts of wings, tail; chsts belly. The Black Chat Space Please in. The Chestnut-naped Forktail has black upperparts; chestnut nape, rear-crown; black throat; white underparts with mottled breast. The nale Canary Islands Stonechat has dark brown upperparts with blackish streaks; blackish head; white supercilium; white neck sides;light orange-chestnut breast; white wing-bar; whitish belly.

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Female has dark brown plumage; white wing patch which may be hidden. Female has dull brown plumage, slightly streaked.