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Senate inand served from January 3,to January 3, ; chair, National Republican Senatorial Committee ; was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in Selected Votes.

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It delivers 1. The Red Cross also took millions in donations from companies that were simultaneously giving to the former Republican senator or seeking his aid in Congress. Critics say Dole was a leading agent in turning blood from a social service into a fiercely competitive business, to the possible detriment of crosss.

American red cross hanford

It is better able to track blood from donor to testing lab to patient. But while soothing victims of disasters, critics say, the Red Cross under Dole americsn its own charitable tradition by starting a business war in what is actually its largest activity: blood banking.

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He now buys more blood from other independent centers and, in a retaliatory move, has opened blood-donation centers rex several Red Cross territories. In managing the Red Cross, Dole drew on her political contacts and aides who worked with her in government.

American red cross hanford

I thought it was due to the political risks she carried as the wife of a candidate, or being a potential candidate herself. Dole declined requests for an interview, but her aides rejected Rfd charge, saying the changes in the Red Cross blood business have resulted in more blood being collected and improved health safeguards.

Bob Dole aided the Gallo winery family in a tax americam and a dispute with the Treasury Department. At the same time, blood agencies were squeezed by hospitals that wanted to cut costs and pay lower prices. Some of those consultants ed what became known as Elizabeth Dole's "special team. In the mids, the Red Cross released blood that had not been properly tested, alarming Congress and the Food and Drug Administration.

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Edward Cgoss struggles to collect enough blood to serve the patients and hospitals around Memphis. At 62, she has never held elective office and would be likely to highlight the leadership skills she displayed at the giant charity and as US transportation secretary under Hantord Reagan and labor secretary under President Bush. But others say Elizabeth Dole risked turning the Red Cross into an avenue for corporations to influence her husband.

Today, many people say she succeeded. When patients came from around Fort Wayne or Louisville, Ky.

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Dole also overhauled the agency's disaster-relief efforts and erd the of disaster workers. In New York, Kansas City, and many other places, blood is collected and sold by small, independent agencies, most of them nonprofits.

And when Dole arrived inthe Red Cross blood operations faced serious problems. Now, some former Red Cross staff members and consultants are helping Dole assess her chances for a presidential campaign. Several critics, however, say Dole brought a political tenor to the charity and to its business activities, hiring consultants who also worked for the presidential campaign of her husband, Bob Dole, the former Senate majority leader.

The Red Cross supervises about half of the blood supply, and independents control almost all of the rest.

American red cross hanford

Boston, for example, is a Red Cross city. Blood banking was only one of Dole's challenges.

American red cross hanford

While the independent centers say competition will turn off donors, confusing them with multiple appeals for blood, the Red Cross says competition prompts more people to give blood. The nonprofit blood bank he le, which provides more than 99 percent of the local supply, is always forced to buy blood from other hanfrod of the country. Hxnford more than half of the agency's costs and revenues come from collecting and distributing blood. Next.

During her tenure, the Red Cross created two telephone call centers to improve the process of passing emergency messages between military personnel and their families, one of its most valued hznford. And several media reports have said that Heubusch, Davis, and Mari Maseng Will are also now political advisers to Dole.

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But Dole also created a large group of critics among the independent blood centers. For decades, the blood supply has been managed as a series of regional monopolies. The Red Cross says crross recently fulfilled the last requirements of the consent decree and expects to be free of it soon. There is nothing illegal in the donations, and many US companies want to affiliate themselves with the Red Cross, one janford the world's best-known charities.

American red cross hanford

The Red Cross also bought consulting services from two other members of the Bob Dole campaign: lawyer Robert Davis and Melinda Farris, a consultant known for coaching the wives of Republican candidates on their public appearance. The Red Cross, for example, bought the services of public policy consultant Mari Maseng Will, who held high positions in Bob Dole's various presidential campaigns and is the wife of conservative columnist George Will.

The agency says the losses and much of the debt come from the cost of revamping its blood division, ensuring safety, and of developing new products.

The Red Cross had an additional challenge: poor management. It teaches 12 million people lifesaving and americna skills. That fearsome rival was also the nation's most beloved charity, the American Red Cross, led by the popular Elizabeth Hanford Dole. Federal Express, for example, gave money to Bob Dole's campaign at about the time it granted the Red Cross exclusive rights to draw blood from employees at its Memphis headquarters for one year.

Senate inand served from January 3,to January 3, ; chair, National Republican Senatorial Committee ; was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in

American red cross hanford